M Y   A P P R O A C H

In our first meeting, I will ask you to tell me about the issues that you are struggling with. I will listen carefully and ask questions about the things that are not clear to me.  At the end of the first meeting, I will give you my sense of whether or not I can be helpful to you and we will discuss next steps. 

In subsequent sessions, we will more deeply explore the issues you have raised. The course of our conversation is impossible to predict, but its purpose will be to find a way to see your life from a new perspective that allows for a fuller, more satisfying way of life for you. Techniques from a variety of therapies are used to meet each client’s individual needs.

M E E T I N G   F R E Q U E N C Y

Psychotherapy can only be effective in the context of an ongoing relationship, so it is important to establish a regular schedule of meetings. The frequency of our meetings will depend on your personal needs, and we will discuss this in our first meeting. Most clients are seen on a weekly basis, although some people may benefit from twice a week therapy.


If I feel that you would benefit from medication I will discuss this with you, and if you so desire, I will refer you to a psychiatrist for a medication evaluation.